Welcome to Seattle’s Wild and Rowdy Gold Rush Years

On July 17th 1897, an event happened that would rocket the economically depressed city of Seattle with a gross income of 9 million dollars to an explosive 750 million dollars in just eight months.

Come join us on a 90-minute guided walking tour of historic Pioneer Square.

See: Buildings where Saloons, Dance Halls, Gambling Houses, Brothels and Box-House Theaters tempted miners from all walks of life.

Walk: The same sidewalks that supported the mad rush of thousands of frenzied men and women infected with gold fever!

Hear: Incredible and amazing true stories of con artists, gamblers, business men - honest and not, women-of-negotiable-virtue, soldiers, tradesmen and common folk. Seattle was learning how to “mine-the-miners.”

Learn: Of fabulous fortunes won and lost. Strange inventions of necessity, acts of incredible courage, and plain harebrained blunders.

Many of the stories are humorous. A few are tragic.

This is history, but it is captivating, entertaining and sometimes a little naughty. You will remember a lot of what you have learned, for many years to come.

“History is not required to be boring.” – Pierre Berton